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Tazio de Bruin


About me

I'm Tazio de Bruin and I am from The Netherlands, I always loved coding and never could stop doing new thinks and later I wanted to make it my job. I was 13 when I started developing, it started off doing some small things like "Hello World". Then it became bigger and I made a login/register system when I was 14.

Due to some personal reasons, I stopped developing and found myself playing a lot of games and enjoyed playing in singleplayer. After those personal issues stopped I slowly got back into developing. So when I got back to developing I found it for some reason harder, maybe it was because I had new challenges and we have HTML5 now so that also gave some new options that I love to use. I met some people that helped me get back and learn more languages for example Python. Awesome people like those also got me some friends I still talk to this day. I wouldn't know what I would do without them. But currently, I am having fun with my school friends making websites and applications through HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MYSQL, Python, NodeJS and react.js.

I also have a Discord bot with 100+ servers called "Lyfe" which I love to program and work on in my free time.


  1. Lyfe
  2. Yfes
  3. Clint