Who am i?

I'm Tazio de Bruin and I am from The Netherlands, I always loved coding and never could stop doing new thinks and later I wanted to make it my job. I was 13 when I started developing, it stared of doing some small things like "Hello World". Then it became bigger and I made a login/register system when I was 14. Now I'm making Discord Bots, Python Applications and lots more.

Image of me


  • Code

    What do you need to make something digital? Code.

  • Lets work together

    I love working and learning more. Let's work together to make it better.

  • Bug support

    No one likes bugs, I will always support you with bugs!

My code

What is my code?

  • Open forks
  • Minimal files
  • Link it with Trello
  • Available everywhere

I mainly use GitHub or Bitbucket. I'm open to anything that you want. I hope I can help you with the problems or what you were always dreaming of doing. I love helping people with there dreams and helping them in a new future and make something I also can be proud of making. I respect your comments and will edit what you don't like. I'm also available to talk to via Discord, below is the information. I always think of what you will be using it for, Mobile/Web/Desktop. The future will always bring more so that is why I am open to changes!

Aren't you convinced to work with me?

Contact me here below!